1 x 20L Bag of our Living Complete Compost.


Just woodchips and foodwaste collected from local resaurants, cafes and homes.


No bulking, no additives, no chemicals or amendments. This is pure, mature, naturally balanced compost.


After a carefully managed, aerobic, hot composting process our compost piles are exploding with beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Then for at least 2 months of maturation, a hungry and diverse population of microorganisms feast on the bacteria and fungi, thriving, multiplying and building habitat.


You will find a healthy, aerobic and diverse foodweb in our compost, which will enoculate, repopulate and enliven your own soil.


Its a living, breathing, growing soil foodweb that feeds your plants for months after you have introduced it to your garden.


Mature Living Compost

$1.00 per 1 Liter

    Nelson, New Zealand