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Compost Drop off Service

  • Drop-off your home, office and business food waste!


  • You choose when.

  • You choose the size of bucket - each time can be different if you like.

Small - 5L - $3

Medium - 10L - $6

Large - 20L - $9

  • Pay at the shop - when you get your empty bucket.

  • You can take as many buckets as you need.

  • You can return the full bucket when it suits you.

  • No sign up fee.

  • No contract.

  • Just convenient, responsible composting!

  • We will recycle your food waste and produce the highest quality 'Living Compost'.

  • Our composting methods are carefully temperature monitored, fully aerobic and produce minimal emissions. 

We are located at:


Tims Garden 

1/26 Gloucester St. Nelson here

Please register below first and visit Tims Garden to get your buckets today!

*Only our buckets are accepted. Please collect before you start.

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Closest Drop-off hub?

Thanks, happy composting!