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Aerobic Composting = Positive Environmental Action

Not Composting = Negative Environmental Action

Irresponsible management of food waste and organic waste leads to unsustainable levels of Carbon dioxide and Methane pollution.


Here are some FACTS:

  • Carbon in our atmosphere in the form of Carbon Dioxide and Methane traps heat and supports climate change.

  • Living Soil is 'carbon sink' and continuously sequesters carbon from the air around us.

  • 28% of ALL Nelsons waste can be composted. [Nelson Tasman Waste Minimisation Plan 2018]

  • Composting diverts organic matter from landfills.

  • Composting food waste reduces methane production that occurs in anaerobic environments – like landfills. Methane is a volatile greenhouse gas that contributes greatly to global climate change.

  • Consciously composting is a win win win solution to food waste!

  • Our composting methods are temperature monitored, fully aerobic and produce minimal emissions. 

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We will drop you your clean bucket on Friday!

is this service for me?

  • Yes because you love and respect the environment and you want to do your part when you can. 


  • Yes because you don't have space for a compost bin at your house, or produce too much food-waste to manage.


  • Yes because you don't have time to empty and clean the bucket, turn the heap, and dig it into your garden.


  • Yes because it's not that easy and the flies, ants, the smell, the rats. 


  • Yes because you believe in your community and want your choices to reflect that.

what happens to it?

Here at Community Compost we are pretty nerdy about creating the most diverse living compost possible. So a lot of care and attention goes into managing the process and supporting the 'life' within.

Our composting methods are temperature monitored, fully aerobic and produce minimal emissions. 

Once the process is finished we either sell the compost to help keep us sustainable or donate it to our Volunteers, Community Gardens or Schools.


If you are an Organisation and would like to benefit from our compost or host a workshop, please contact us!

how much does a weekly collection cost?

This depends on which bucket you choose!

Are you looking for Home, OfficeHospitality or Para Kai Club​?

can i cancel at any time?

Yes of course! We don't believe in tricks or traps.

You can stop paying at any time and we will collect the last bucket.

can i have a wheelie bin?

Yes! We provide Wheelie Bins to those who have a large waste stream. But -


We are a growing, community-run organisation. We believe in people and people power. 


So we generally use big buckets with air-tight lids. These have great advantages and we are getting encouraging feedback.


Are you looking for Home, Office, Hospitality or Para Kai Club​?

i love this! how do i sign up?


Are you looking for Home, OfficeHospitality or Para Kai Club​?

when do you collect?

  • We collect from homes every Friday. So please leave your bucket out before 9am.

  • We collect from Businesses whenever is most convenient and affordable.

  • We can make one-off collections, anytime, by arrangement in advance.

  • Are you looking for Home, OfficeHospitality or Para Kai Club​?

What are the payment options?

  • Home Collections - You can pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 6 monthly and annually - easily by Direct Debit.

  • Office Collections - You are invoiced monthly, 6 monthly or annually - paid easily by Direct Debit or Bank Transfer.

  • Hospitality Collections - Your pay-as-you-use buckets are counted and you are invoiced weekly or monthly - payment is made easy by Direct Debit.

  • Para Kai Club - As a member of Para Kai Club you can use as many or few buckets as you need. When you collect a fresh bucket the size is recorded and you will pay the following Monday by direct debit.

  • Sorry it's not possible to pause payments for holidays at this time. This is because we are a small social enterprise and our sustainability relies on payment consistency. 

  • Yes - you can cancel the service anytime and stop paying immediately. You are in control.

where do I leave the Bucket?

At Home, leave your bucket under your letterbox if possible, or in line-of-sight from the road - so it’s easy for our driver to see and swap as fast as possible. Our driver will drop a clean bucket in the same spot.

If you are an Office workspace, we can come right up to your staff room and swap your buckets there, for extra convenience.

If you are in Hospitality business we will use the same area as your recycling and general waste bins.    

As a member of Para Kai Club you pick up clean buckets and drop off your full buckets at Nelson Environment Centre on Vanguard St.

what are your ethics?

We have grown tired of seeing individuals and big companies serving themselves, while disregarding the health and vitality of the planet and its inhabitants.


So we make our decisions based on our Ethical Principles.


Care of our Earth

Care of all People

Care of all Creatures


By supporting Community Compost you support these things.


i don't need a collection. How can i support Community Compost?

  • Community Compost has big dreams, to chase these dreams we need your support. 

  • Please like and share our Facebook page and posts.

  • Please talk about us with your friends and at work.

  • Please volunteer your time by going here.

  • Please subscribe to donate regulary here.

what can we put in the bucket?

  • Vegetables (chopped up)

  • Food Scraps (cooked and uncooked)

  • Fruits (chopped up)

  • Coffee Grounds

  • Tea Leaves

  • Serviettes

  • Paper Plates, Bowls, Cups

  • Shredded Paper and Cardboard

  • Fallen Leaves

  • Untreated sawdust

  • Flowers

  • Pot Plants

  • Weeds and Grass Cuttings

  • Bokashi

  • Ash

what does not go in the bucket?

  • Meat, Fish, Shellfish and Bones (Cooked or Uncooked)

  • Dairy Products (Milk, Cream and Cheese)

  • Eggs and Egg Shells

  • Fats and Oils

  • Coffee Cups or Lids

  • Plastic straws

  • PLA

  • PLA Packaging

  • Plastic, Foil and Paper Wrappers

  • Bottle Tops

  • Fabric and Clothing

  • Unshredded Paper

  • Unshredded Cardboard

  • Pet Animal Waste and Bedding

  • Tampons and towels

  • Nappies

  • Wet wipes

  • Clothing

  • Plasters

  • Wood

  • Stones

  • Metal

  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Paint

  • Solvents

  • Chemicals

  • Detergents and Cleaning Products

i love this! how do i sign up?


Are you looking for Home, OfficeHospitality or Para Kai Club​?


We will deliver you a bucket on Friday!

Nelson, New Zealand